as an art and environmental project


UPCYCLING by MUCARTS is an art and environmental project to promote sustainability, conserve resources and raw materials. It is our contribution to meeting climate targets. The project is carried out in cooperation with renowned museums and exhibition houses. Among others with the Haus der Kunst, Lenbachhaus and the STOA169 Foundation.


MUCARTS focuses on durable and sustainable products, as an alternative to the throwaway mentality of our consumer society. We want to create a new product through the upcycling of art banners and with the combination of biodegradable materials, to which we give sustainability.

The in-house MUCARTS products , with unique designs, are sustainable, durable and long lasting. Through the upcycling process of weather-resistant materials, we create exceptional products. We develop things for a second life, suitable for everyday and urban living.

The credo is, away from mass production, away from the throwaway mentality, towards individuality, unique designs are created. It becomes artifacts, as unique pieces created.

We do without long transport routes and try to leave a climate-neutral imprint with less CO2. We are committed to a new awareness, for more sustainable and more space for individuality.

The idea

We have often been asked what we do with the old exhibition banners. The answer is, they were collected and kept for years. Then came the idea to make bags out of them. With two designers and tailors we developed the first prototypes. The challenge was to create a high quality product that is both modern and suitable for everyday use. This was the origin of the upcycling label of MUCARTS.
This is how we close the loop from the original art and banner production to the reuse and new production of the artifacts that are created in our company’s production in the Munich area.

With this project, MUCARTS supports the Stoa169 Art Foundation, artists and creators of art. Munich’s major museums and exhibition houses such as the Haus der Kunst and the Lenbachhaus work closely with us to make the sustainable idea of upcycling a permanent reality.

We breathe a second life into art banners, with a new purpose. The sustainable cycle of recyclable materials is the way to a better and more effective use of our resources. Combining creativity and craftsmanship, we can create new wareables for us humans, and make a joint contribution to the environment.