About STOA169

The STOA169 artist column hall – an open hall for an open society

As a globally unique columned hall for artists, the STOA169 brings together international artists from over 50 countries: Well over 100 artists from conceptual art, painting, photography, sculpture or craftsmanship each design a column that supports a common roof.

On 1,600 square meters, an open foyer based on an ancient model is being built in the middle of nature, a permanent setting that combines contemporary artistic ideas and different cultural ideas in one place.

In the middle of the so-called Bavarian Pfaffenwinkel, an open columned hall is being built on the banks of the Ammer on an agricultural meadow near the village of Polling: the STOA169. Artists from all continents were selected to design one column each. In the end, the column collection serves as an archive of contemporary art.

The artist Bernd Zimmer developed the first idea for this project in 1990 on a trip through southern India. The impressive pillared vestibules of the Hindu temples, here each pillar is individual in its shape, inspired him to the idea of ​​the STOA169. It has not let go of him to this day: the STOA169 sets a common sign for worldwide peaceful coexistence, solidarity, international understanding and respect for nature.

Visitors can only reach the portico on foot; From the parking lot near the railroad tracks, you hike up the Ammer for about ten minutes in beautiful surroundings on a path that can be used for agriculture to an old bend of the river. There the view of the portico opens up. “It is important to me that the uniqueness of nature and art can be perceived in this place,” says Bernd Zimmer.